About Us

About Us

Transforming Learning and Discovery

”If we know where we are and whither we are heading, it is easy to judge what to do and how to do it.” Abraham Lincoln

Macmillan’s guiding objective, as part of the Holtzbrinck group, is to enhance education worldwide by supporting communities with culturally and geographically appropriate publishing programmes and services.

Macmillan’s streams of publishing range from academic, scholarly, English Language Teaching (ELT) and science to fiction and non-fiction. Positioned as one of the largest and most highly respected international publishing companies in the world, Macmillan Education is uniquely placed as a key global educator.

Company Overview

For more than 120 years, Macmillan Education has been a major player in India’s education market. Macmillan is among one of the leading international school publishers. Macmillan Education continues its formidable task of developing high-quality course books and supplementary material at all levels, with willing cooperation from teachers, students, institutions, educational authorities, and the Departments of Education.

With the digital revolution, the face of classroom has changed considerably. Keeping pace with the times, Macmillan is consistently ideating and upgrading, blending digital and print material to meet the emerging needs of educators and learners. Macmillan Education has created curriculum-based instructional teaching modules, video clips, and animations, which have the power to transform a teacher-centred classroom into an interactive, technology-supported, teaching-learning atmosphere. Our commitment to innovation has drawn professionals with a futuristic vision to research and create resources of international standard. Strategic leadership and customer-friendly service have positioned Macmillan as a sought-after publisher today.  


Meet Simon Allen, CEO

A life in educational publishing has taught me many things, but the most vital is that when the content is right, when it has captured the imagination of a primary school child or helped a student pass that entrance exam, then we’ve succeeded as a publisher.

The integrity of Macmillan’s authors and publishing teams has driven the content we’ve produced for many years. We’re proud of the epic range of Macmillan materials that can be found in classrooms and staffrooms the world over. The content may be changing shape; you may be logging on to it or downloading it, but what will never change is the level of time and commitment we spend preparing those materials so they answer the questions you ask of them.

We have a shared goal – to inspire and educate students of English to achieve that simplest aim: to communicate in English. And we know that it’s easier said than done in many teaching situations. This is why alongside the expert content, Macmillan’s support network of teacher trainers, sales teams, field editors and educational advisors are all focused on helping to make that happen for teachers. We will make sure that all our pieces are in place to inspire and engage students to get that goal.