Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions


Every challenge has a Bespoke solution

One that makes sense. One that has been pressure-tested. One that gives you an aha moment. One that suits your requirements, One that is Bespoke.

Macmillan’s custom publishing programme has been designed to match preferences of different schools. This flexibility has allowed educational resources to be organised according to an individual’s preference or syllabi requirements of academic institutions to enhance teaching and learning.

We help you choose from our list of print and digital resources for K-12 that will suit your individual learning and teaching needs.

2010: Macmillan partners with Maharashtra Prathamik Shikshan Parishad

In 2010 Macmillan partnered with Maharashtra Prathamik Shikshan Parishad for development and supply of English Language Kit

The kit was for primary school children of Marathi Medium Schools. Components of the kit:

  • 1. Alphabet pairing set
  • 2. Alphabet puzzle set
  • 3. Word forming set
  • 4. Pictorial alphabet puzzle
  • 5. Rhyming words set
  • 6. Audio cassettes of rhymes
  • 7. Exercises in spoken English
  • 8. My first English Marathi Dictionary
  • 9. Electronic toy
  • 10. Hidden letters Book of ABC
  • 11. Magic wheel of words
  • 12. Flash Card Set

All the above were packed in a steel trunk and delivered to schools. This was followed by training sessions on usage of kits for teachers in government schools.

2009-2010: Macmillan partners with Vidya Bhawan Education Research Centre for Teacher Training

In Rajasthan, Macmillan and VBERC provided resource support to DIET for conducting training of the Education Volunteers. We were part of module development process for teachers and their training.

2006-2007: Macmillan partners with Vidya Bhawan Education Research Centre for Content Developement

After careful research and deliberations with the teachers and grassroots workers at various levels in non-metro schools across the country, “Kites” series was conceptualized. It aims to develop cognitive skills in children who come from different linguistic backgrounds and often have little exposure to English at home or in the neighbourhood. This series challenges the myth that English can be taught only through using English all the time.

The series is doing extremely well in schools in smaller towns has been recently revised in 2014.

2007: Macmillan joins hands with UNICEF

In 2007 Macmillan tied up with UNICEF for the prestigious global project for Meena storybooks.