Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management

Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management

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ISBN 9789350593028
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

Banks have started offering many services in the electronic mode, in the form of online banking,

e-commerce, mobile banking, ATMs, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards to name a few. Certain banks have also started offering online approval of housing loans and other loan products.

As more services of banks are offered in electronic mode they must be aware of possible mis-uses and risks in the on-line mode. It is important that the banker who deals with I.T. should be well versed with various cyber crimes and frauds which may occur while offering the online services. To safe guard the interest of banks, a banker who is dealing with online services should have thorough knowledge and understanding about Cyber Crimes and how to mitigate a fraud when occurred and prevent such eventuality in future.

This book is the courseware for the “Certificate Exam in Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management" being offered by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance. This book provides an overview of Cyber Crimes and how to alleviate such crimes. The contents of the book are organized into four modules viz: (i) Cyber Crimes Overview, (ii) Protection Systems Under Computer Frauds

(iii) Online Transitions and (iv) Cyber Law. The contents of the book will be found useful by all those who are involved in dealing with cyber crimes and mitigation in banks and students who are pursuing academic courses on the subject.
Table of Contents

  • Foreword

    MODULE – A


    1. Introduction to Cyber Crimes

    2. Types of Cyber Crimes

    3. Techniques of Cyber Crimes

    4. Computer Insecurity

    5. Computer Hackers

    MODULE – B


    6. Protection from Computer Frauds

    7. Incidence of Cyber Crimes

    MODULE – C


    8. Concepts, Emerging Trends and Legal Implications

    9. Global Payment Processing

    10. Payment Cards and Data Security

    11. Electronic Card Frauds

    MODULE – D


    12. Introduction to Cyber Law in India and IT Act 2000

    13. Human Traits

    14. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

    15. E-Commerce and Taxation Issues