Increasing Agricultural Production in India

Increasing Agricultural Production in India

Status and Strategies
Subject: Agriculture and Life Sciences
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ISBN 9780230324275
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Edition 1
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About the Book

Bhupinder Singh Hooda, in this book, makes a strong case – food and work for all is quite attainable if we apply science to meet the challenge of securing the population's supply of food and demand for livelihood.

The author's major concern in the book is to look for ways and means of increasing agricultural production. He maintains that one clear way is to deal with the significant gaps in production and productivity. This can be done by bridging the yield gaps between the genetic potential, the demonstration yields and the yield at the farmer's field (vertical gaps) and the yield gaps that exist among geographically differentiated regions (horizontal gaps).

Production is the book's prime concern but not the only one. The author maintains that agriculture, at this point of time can also help our struggle for gender equality. With many poor farmers migrating to cities for work, women are left in the rural areas to be custodians of our food security'. Given enough 'extension support and also land rights', women can play a greater role in moving India's agricultural hopes forward.

There are other startlingly appealing insights. The author looks at organic farming as an answer to the problem of keeping input prices low, the farmers' returns high and the consumer prices low. By subsidising organic farming for the small and marginal farmers they can be drawn into this beneficial mode of farming.

About Author

Bhupinder Singh Hooda, a scion of an illustrious family of freedom fighters of Haryana, is a suave and sincere politician. An agriculturist and advocate by profession and a social worker by instinct, he has a deep understanding of public issues. In him, compassion for the common man and his unflinching commitment to their welfare, combine to make him work with a missionary zeal. Beginning his political career from the grass roots level as the Chairman of the Block Samiti, he has held several positions in the Congress Party and the Government. He has been a four-time Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) and a three-time Member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly. He has been the Chief Minister of Haryana since March 2005. Besides, he has been closely associated with many social and educational institutions. Being a keen sportsman, he is full of energy and enthusiasm. Bhupinder Singh Hooda has transformed the political culture, social structure and economic condition of the State in a silent and subtle manner. He is a visionary and a social reformer in his own unique way. The State has made tremendous strides in development under his stewardship. In a brief time, it has achieved several milestones for the first time in the history of the State. Haryana has become an educational hub, a favoured destination for investment, an IT leader and a forward looking state in the country.
Table of Contents

  • Status and Perspective of Indian Agriculture
  • Natural Resource Management. Conservation Agriculture
  • Dryland/Rainfed Agriculture
  • Strategies to Increase Crop Production
  • Climate-Resilient Agriculture
  • Making Seed Production Programme Vibrant
  • Farm Mechanization
  • Sustaining the Rice-wheat roduction System
  • Diversification in Agriculture
  • Revamping Agricultural Extension System
  • Policy Interventions Required
  • Opportunities and Strategies Ahead
  • Epilogue.