Understanding Cryptic Crosswords

Understanding Cryptic Crosswords

A Step by Step Guide
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ISBN 9789350590751
Binding Paperback
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 2
Language English

About the Book

'Crosswords make an interesting and effective educational tool'. Teachers and learners will benefit a great deal by using them in the teaching - learning process considering the high educational benefits of crossword puzzles.' CBSE

  • A handy tool for encouraging logical thinking and analytical skills
  • Hones the student's word attack skills
  • Improves comprehension of unfamiliar passagse as cracking puzzles offers scope for using analytical skills
  • Could be used for formative assessments in the English case
  • Solved puzzles and explanations given at the start to help the unitiated to develop an interest in crossword puzzles

About Author

Vivek Kumar Singh is an IAS officer who embarked upon the less travelled but enchanting path of crossword-making in the salubrious environs of Mussoorie. As a probationer at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration, in an effort to spread his passion amongst his fellow colleagues, he began making crosswords for the Hobbies Club and the Nature Lovers' Club. Having graduated from cracking crosswords in the corridors of Delhi University to making them, Vivek was quick to master the art. After first creating crosswords professionally for the Career and Competition Times, he has regularly contributed for national newspapers and magazines like Sunday Pioneer, Air India Magazine, Swagat, Darpan, Alive, Woman's Era, Exotica and Discover India.

Mr. Singh is currently posted as Divisional Commissioner at Gaya in Bihar.

Table of Contents

  • Some Common Queries About Crosswords • Who can solve a crossword? • What are crosswords? • What are the main types of crosswords? • How did it all begin? • What constitutes a cryptic clue? • How can we identify the direct clue? • Are there any rules governing crosswords?• Word MasonryMajor Categories of Cryptic Clues • The ‘Whole Word’ Clues• Anagrams • Double Meaning • Hidden Words • Homophones • First and Last/Odd and Even – Letters • Letters in Reverse Order • Deletions • & Lit! • Cryptic Definitions • Clueing the ‘Part Word’ and 'Letters' • Using Initials • Using Standard Abbreviations • Using Peculiar Crossword Abbreviations/Short Synonyms• Understanding ‘Word Combinations’ or ‘Complex Clues’ • Graded Cryptic Crossword ExercisesGraded Cryptic Crossword Solutions