What's in it for YOU?

What's in it for YOU?

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ISBN 9789350590799
Binding Hard cover
Imprints Macmillan Publishers India
Edition 1
Language English

About the Book

‘The Sky is the limit, when your heart is in it. And it is the fire in your belly that defines your progress and achievement.’

Ravi Mehrotra, CBE

Ravi realizes that the happiness of any organization you are responsible for is important too. Of course Ravi has not prospered by tolerating inefficiency, ignoring the bottom line, or being deaf to modern management theories. But the lesson I learn from him is that all these should be balanced with the need to run a happy organisation.

–Sir Mark Tully

“…..the story of the writer's journey from a marine engineering student to a multibillion dollar entrepreneur. Through this book a lot could be learnt by the youngsters who aspire to become successful in their life…..”

–Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister, Delhi

“A fascinating book full of interest, humour and intriguing philosophy which is embodied in his ten lessons from life which helped him succeed.”

–Lord Ian McColl of Dulwich, CBE

“What's in it for You? can be recommended as a must-read for youthful aspirants of all ages who are seeking a step- -step advance in business with a view to retaining a full and rich inner life.”

–Mr Tom Leander, Editor-in-Chief Asia of the Lloyd's List

“What's in it for You” with ten lessons of life, is worthreading for anyone who has great ambitions, high values for hard work, wishes to be a lifetime achiever, while also making his or her dream come true…”

–Mr. Sudhir Vasudeva, Chairman, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Delhi

“….His personality in enjoying the finer aspects of life, be it in being part of an elite professional group or having a 'relaxing' massage is charming. The book is rigorously edited and reads well….”

–G Raghuram, Professor, Public Systems Group Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (India)

About Author

Ravi K. Mehrotra is a global leader in the shipping industry and owner of a multi-million dollar business empire, which he built entirely from scratch. In this book he traces his life's journey, from cadet to chief engineer, from a small Indian town to the City of London, from employee to entrepreneur and from humble beginnings to final success. Despite the college fiasco and company politics, revolution, recession and cut-throat competition, Ravi Mehrotra combined family with faith, intelligence and industry using skills and strategy to tread life's path with commitment and vigour to build a global business.

Here he shares the secrets of his success-his mantras- or lessons from life in a memoir, remarkable in many ways, of an Indian who succeeded in laying a business across many countries in the world.

This is a book for every young budding tycoon with a ten-step programme for success backed by the wise words of sages of the world.

Find out What's in it for YOU? with Guru Ravi.
Table of Contents

  • o Introduction o The Ravi’s Formula o Ravi’s Ten Tips For Running A Business o Life Lesson One o Family First o Life Lesson Two o Dream The Dream o Life Lesson Three o Make Your Mind o Life Lesson Four o Measure Your Time o Life Lesson Five o Open Your Eyes o Life Lesson Six o Risk Is Right o Life Lesson Seven o Face The Fight o Life Lesson Eight o Escape Your Box o Life Lesson Nine o Make Failure Work o Life Lesson Ten o Enjoy Your Journey o Epilogue o It’s Not Just About Money o Ravi’s Ten Steps o Achieving Your Goals In 40 Days o Testimonials